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Monzter is a web-based discount and point redemption programme devoted to the consumers in Malaysia and caters to their daily community advance needs. The programme is specially designed to capture attention of theyoung generation discount seekers comprising of affluent young adults, regularshoppers, teenagers, college students and tech-savvy adults with core targetaged between 15 to 40 years old.

By having Monzter discount and point redemption programme, our online members willbe able to enjoy better discounts and promotions from various merchants in renowned shopping malls and potential merchants from our entire network list. Monzter is the only online discount and promotion website in Malaysia that doesn’t practice profit sharing and we’re offering free services to all participating merchants.

Monzter portal will be allocating space and section for merchant’s online shopping activities and to ensure that our members will be updated with the latest discounts and promotions. Monzter will be one of the most adaptable and user-friendly portal which offers the heart and soul of the latest promotion and most convertible information around town.

Monzter is also ready for mobile application in iOS and Android format implemented with“Location Based” technology. With advanced geo-targeting capabilities, Monzter mobile apps is able to detect discounts and promotions within one kilometer radius and notify the smartphone users.  

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